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Audio Over IP Solution

terracom system

Paging ● Messaging ● Intercom ● Streaming ● SIP ●  Scheduling ●  Logic Control

No Server Required!    

Due to its simplicity Audio over IP has become very popular and Penton/ATEIS bring the features that meet the market needs with the TERRACOM platform. TERRACOM is a new level of Inter-company Audio & Communication systems based on SIP layer 3 open protocols that has NO centralized equipment or matrix and does not require a server as its base. The network itself is the switching matrix over local networks and even over open internet. TERRACOM communicates with traditional phone and IP phone systems and can be easily configured using a standard web-browser. A system can be as little as two end-points transporting audio from one place to another where other wired systems are not available or unpractical to systems that spans continents. 

In larger systems, we do recommend a Terr Manager and/or Terra Server for system management, such as configure and monitor all system devices; as well as other functions including music streaming, internet paging, and remote control. TERRACOM is a user configurable GUI that is built to fit the project and in this sense similar to Crestron and AMX. A TERRACOM system is suitable for almost any applications such as K-12, office environments, conference centers, exhibition centers, shopping malls, airports, etc. and can easily interface with other 70V systems to achieve the most cost effective and flexible configuration.

TERRACOM K-12 School Systems

TERRACOM K-12 system is the ONLY system that does not require a server and a license fee making it a very affordable option especially for smaller schools. With full audio processing in every IP speaker and module the system offers an absolutely pristine audio experience as it can be tuned to any environment. TERRACOM K-12 further offers district wide paging over open internet (license required) and can interface directly with an almost unlimited number of schools in large school systems providing pre-recorded warnings of Tsunamis, Hurricanes, etc. Full integration with legacy systems is also a key benefit as is the ability to seamlessly fit into any IP based phone system as well as older analogue systems. Call us and we will walk you through what you need.


IP Audio Decoder

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